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2017 Iowa School Board Elections – Tuesday September 12th

Don’t for get to vote in your school district election for board members. Tuesday September 12th in the state of Iowa all school districts will hold elections for open board positions. The polls will be open from 7 AM to 8 PM.

Labor Endorsed Candidates


Andrew Champion

Richard Lynch


Allison Beck

Elliot Grier

Rodney Blackwell


Scott Bengstrom

Eric Gettes


Beverly Gerdts


Terra Siegert

Anderson Sainci

Call your senator today to tell them NOT to strip health care coverage from working families!

CALL - 1-888-865-8089

Call or email your senators and tell them to improve the ACA!! The House Bill is not acceptable!!

We deserve to have affordable health care. While we have negotiated health care now, added cost to health care could have an impact at the bargaining table in the future.

Friday March 24th - The House of Representatives did not have enough votes to pass the AHCA so it has been pulled back for now. Stay alert for future actions on health care legislation.

Call your U.S. Representative - 866-202-5409

Whether your health insurance is through your work, Medicare, Medicaid or individual insurance, the new proposal speeding through Congress (American Health Care Act or AHCA) will impact you. A vote is scheduled for this Thursday. Make sure you understand what’s at stake – then tell your Representative how you feel.

It's all about the money! The new proposed health care legislation will do nothing for the citizens of the United States. Premiums will increase and less people will be insured.

The real issue is the out of control costs of medication, hospitals, medical offices and doctors.

For more information please read the article.

Here is an article from "Iowa Starting Line" concerning the state of Iowa budget. The concern of too many tax breaks for corporations has been raised for several years and now we are seeing the real results.

Research current legislative bills in the 2017 Iowa Legislature. (click here)

Find your Iowa Legislator (click this link)

Find your Illinois Legislator (Click this link)

Find your US Senator (Click this link)

Find your US House Representative (Click this link)

Iowa Legislators will be having public meetings this week. Please attend. Make your voice heard and learn more about what is going on at the Iowa Capital!

The effects of new Iowa Legislation.

Iowa Legislature's Assault on Workers' Compensation

UPDATE: The Iowa House will be debating the "Work Comp Bill" Today. HF 518


Call your representative TODAY (515-281-3221) and tell them to stop the assualt on working Iowans!

If this bill passes it will be devistating to anyone hurt at work!

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