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Talk to Your Legislators in Person

The anti-labor Iowa Legislature is continuing its attack on working Iowans. They are attacking injured workers, minimum wage workers, Building Trades with an anti-PLA bill and teachers and education. Please attend as many of these Forums and let these representatives know how bad these bills are for working Iowa families.

BETTENDORF State Representative Gary Mohr Constituent Meetings: Every Friday 9AM at the Happy Joe’s ,2430 Spruce Hill Drive, Bettendorf, IA


CLINTON Saturday April 1 - 9 AM Legislative Coffee at the Clinton School Admin Building, 1402 12th Ave. North


DEWITT Saturday April 1: 11 a.m.-noon Legislative Coffee at the DeWitt Community Center, Small Room, 512 10th Street.

DUBUQUE Saturday April 1: 9:30 AM Cracker Barrel, Diamond Joe Casino, 301 Bell St.


MUSCATINE Saturday April 1, 8:30 AM - Muscatine Community College, 154 Colorado St.


Here are some of the issues that are of concern to working families:

Workers Comp - Iowans do tough work, and our workers comp system is there to help them get back to work when they’re injured on the job.

- Anti-worker politicians are attempting to gut our workers comp system

- In Iowa we built a great workers comp system that takes care of our workers when they’re injured on the job

- Tell your legislator not to destroy the workers comp system that we built, tell them to vote NO on any changes to the workers comp system

- Iowa’s workers comp system should protect workers that do dangerous jobs, not to benefit their soft-handed bosses


- Anti-union groups are attacking working families to enrich wealthy corporate interests by prohibiting Project Labor Agreements

- Project owners believe Project Labor Agreements ensure that large, complex projects are completed on time and on schedule,

- Project Labor Agreements help control costs and ensure that qualified workers are on the construction site - Project Labor Agreements allow contractors and construction workers to deal with scheduling, quality control, health and safety, and productivity problems during the project.

- PLAs ensure that the workforce hired has received training and is of high quality.

- Project Labor Agreements let business and labor come together to ensure projects benefit the community, workers, and business

- This attack on PLA’s is just one more way to erode workers’ rights

ESA (Vouchers)

- So-called “Education Savings Accounts” strip money out of the public education system and send it to for-profit corporations

- Iowa’s public school are held to a high standard because we know how important education is, but Education Savings Accounts are a giveaway to private institutions that don’t have to meet the high standards of our public schools

- Anti-worker politicians are planning to sell off our schools through vouchers and privatization - Public Education is supposed to belong to working families, not big corporations

- Tell your legislator to keep public schools working for the people and to oppose ESAs

Local Pre-emption (minimum wage)

- Anti-worker politicians want to lower the minimum wage

- Anti-worker politicians think wages are too high and want to take away our right to raise them

- Politicians in the Capitol want to take away our local control - While states and cities around the country move to increase stagnating wages anti-worker politicians want to do the opposite

- Several of our counties have moved to raise the minimum wage so workers can afford the basics, but anti-worker politicians in the statehouse want to do the opposite.

- Anti-worker politicians want to strip away the small, but important pay increases that our counties have given to the hardest-hit workers among us

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