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Notes from the Executive Board

For those members that wish to attend some of the education conferences and council meetings please remember that you must be involved and attend the Monthly Union Meetings.  Read more >>>

The Company has posted the Peak Demand Weeks for 2016 in order to allow employees to make vacation plans during popular vacation weeks and to permit the Company to better plan production... Read more >>>

To: USW Local 8-957 Membership
From: Executive Board
Subject: Article III Section 3.4

Dear Members,

Article III Section 3.4 reads (Each employee is responsible for ensuring that his/her current telephone number and mailing address are on file with the Employer) 

Read more >>>

Article V    Elections

If reference to section 12.1 of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement: When a Vacancy occurs, Job Postings can be put on bidding system computers on any day of the week and will remain for not less than seven (7) days. There is no requirement for Human resources to post these jobs physically on the board so please check you bidding system computers on a regular basis. The bidding system computers are located on the 4th floor by the escalators


In case of any Emergency all phones in the plant can contact Emergeny Services by dialing  9 ( 9 - 1 - 1 )

Please notify your supervisor or any member of management of all emergecies immediately.

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