Local 351L  •  Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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Local 351L  •  Tuscaloosa, Alabama

1923 Culver Road
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Phone: Phone: (205)758-4476 Fax: (205)758-4479
Email: admin@uswa351.org

Name Title
Jimmy Price President
Dexter Beams Vice-President
James Crowder Recording Secretary
Jeff Hewitt Financial Secretary
Mike Porter Treasurer
Larry Turner Executive Board
Charles Elliott Executive Board
Dudley Williams Executive Board
Roland Elliott Guide
Steve Tilley Guard
Bruce Wright Guard
Terry Chaffin Trustee
Brandon Hamner Trustee
Artie Shaul Trustee
Additional Information

United Steelworkers Local 351L represents 1365 workers at the B.F. Goodrich Tire Plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The local has come a long way since it was first chartered as United Rubber Workers Local 351 on April 7, 1947. Local 351 started with 225 members and was the first Congress of Industrial Organization local in west Alabama when most labor unions were associated with the American Federation of Labor.

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