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Sept. 7, 2015
Steelworkers in great numbers participated in the 2015 Madison County Federation of Labor, Labor Day Parade in Granite City, Ill. The parade route onlookers showed support for our ongoing contract negotiations as many placards reading "Fair Contract Now" were widely displayed in a steel town.
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September 1, 2015
United Steelworkers from the Iron Range of Minnesota, the Ohio River Valley, the Great Lakes to the eastern bank of the Mississippi who work in the steel industry condcuted rallies to express our strength in bargaining for a fair contract with U.S. Steel, ArcelorMittal and ATI.
Video by USW Local 1899 Trustee and District 7 USPA Communications Coordinator Doug May May Read more >>>

May 16, 2014
1,000 steelworkers and concerned people in the Granite City community attending the #SOSJobs rally today. Stop the illegal, state subsidzed, currency manipulated advantages/cheating being conducted by South Korean steelmakers. Tell Congress to stop the dumping!!!
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The newly opened “Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge” joining St. Louis with the Illinois metro area is more than just ordinary and functional. What makes the completion of the Stan Span and all the new approach ramps even more appealing for members of USW Local 1899 and 50 who were in attendance for the ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday February 8, 2014 is the recognition that the steel used in the construction was all Made in America.
Click link below to view 65 photos of the Union Built, American Made Steel construction and ribbon cutting ceremony.
USW.org website recognizing Local 1899 coverage for  the Stan Musial Bridge.

 The 2013 United Steelworkers’ Health, Safety and Environment Conference opened September 23 at the Pittsburgh Convention Center and Westin Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The conference is designed to help train Health, Safety and Environment Committee chairpersons, committee members, fulltime health and safety representatives and other activists from our union.

Beautiful weather and a great turnout of employees and their immediate family at the 2nd USW/USS 2013 Family Day.
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Photos of USW Local 1899 members participating in the 2013 Madison County Federation of Labor, Labor Day Parade in Granite City, Ill.
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Fun and educational black and white YouTube video capturing the 1938 era of the city, the steelmaking process with theater style period voice-over describing "The Niagara of liquid fury" when tapping an open-hearth heat of steel.

In 1857 the Niedringhaus family incorporated St. Louis Stamping Co. on Second and Cass St. St. Louis, Mo. The historical main production building still stands just south of Lumiere Casino downtown, and recently opened as converted lofts and an Urban Farming community.
In 1892 with no room for expansion, the Niedringhaus brothers built the Granite Iron Rolling Mill in Granite City, exclusively supplying steel for the National Enamel and Stamping Co. (NESCO) which produced the iconic Graniteware kitchen products.

In conjunction with the Mayors office, USW Local 1899, City Government, and Local Industry, Six Mile SculptureWorks, an Alfresco Production, is happy to announce our Third Annual Iron Art - Casting Conference. Artists from around the country are coming to Granite City Illinois to participate in an art conference that utilize small blast furnaces to pour molten metal.
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The Madison County Federation of Labor awarded our USW Local 1899 as the "Largest Participating Organization"   Many members and their family units turned out to showcase the fine t-shirts with the USW 70th Anniversary logo in this year's Labor Day Parade in Granite City, Ill.


USW Local 1899 became chartered in 2003, after Granite City Steel, under the ownership of National Steel was purchased by U.S. Steel.  The previous USW Local's; 30, 67 and 16 merged to become one large local with centralized administration to better serve the members. 

The pictures of the Madison County Labor Day parade held in Granite City, and the annual picnics, may include a couple photos of the predecessor locals, but the primary content will be from 2003 forward. 
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The USW locals from GCW have been very vocal and admirably active throughout the years, advocating many issues directly affecting our members and many broader political actions assisting working people in America.

We have been active attending many more events than what is represented in this slideshow.  More photos will be added as time permits.
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A collection of many USW members who worked at Granite City Steel over the years mixed with a little memorabilia.

The United Steelworkers are committed to grooming the next generation of activists and leaders to ensure a sustainable future for the labor movement. The Next Generation group is here to give our young members the education and voice to continue the good work of USW leaders that came before us. To learn more go to USW.org and click the dropdown "Action Center" tab for the Next Generation.
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USW Flickr Collections Including USPA, WOS, RR/PAC, Health and Safety, Civil Rights, Convention, Next Gen and the USW 70th Anniversary, Cleveland, Ohio-May, 2012.
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1899 Members and our Granite City SOAR Chapter attended the AAM town hall meetings to promote the need to rebuild our manufacturing base in the U.S. Read more >>>

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