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Randy R. Virgin, Contract Joint Efforts Coordinator


TO:       Local 1899, 50 & 68 USW Members

FROM: Randy R. Virgin, USW Contract Joint Efforts Coordinator

DATE:  May 18, 2017

RE:      Important Retirement Information Meeting

Due to the current status of our facility, with members laid off and some reaching the 2-year point of layoff the end of this year, I have contacted the International Union and requested that representatives from the Steelworkers Pension Trust (SPT) conduct a retirement informational meeting for USW members at Granite City Works.

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Steelworkers Pension Trust Representatives to Give Presentation

Steelworkers Pension Trust Retirement Information Meeting for Local 1899, 50 & 68 Steelworkers of U.S. Steel - Granite City Works to be held Wed., June 28, 2017.

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If you are a laid off Steelworker you may be eligible for monthly payments of the Health Coverage Tax Credit.

The HCTC Program provides 72.5% portion of the monthly cost of COBRA premium coverage to continue your employer health insurance.

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Members Must Activate Insurance Themselves

[Jan. 20, 2017]

Members returning to work from layoff, who have exhausted insurance coverage continuation, must now go through the process of reinstating their active health insurance coverage; the USS Benefits Department no longer does the return to work reinstatement.

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JOBLINK HELP DESK: 1-877-342-7533; Press Option No.1

  • Everyone must register for JobLink
  • If you do not register for JobLink member's benefits could be suspended


  • www.IDES.illinois.gov
  • Click on “Individuals”… this will take you to “Certify” or “Modify Direct Deposit”
  • Do not click on “File”… Members filed at informational meetings


To get your Union Dues amount from USS Oracle website>

To get copy of your W2 form from USS Oracle website>

To contact Illinois Department of Employment Security>

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WHILE MEMBERS ARE ON LAYOFF - This Site Will Provide Information and regular communications

By Randy R. Virgin, USW Contract Joint Efforts Coordinator

The Union continues to receive inquiries from members regarding insurance issues and options, retirement information as well as general contract and employment matters. 

Since most of us are now - or soon will be - laid off, faxing and gate postings are obviously no longer effective in getting information to our members. While sisters and brothers are certainly welcome to call their Local Union office, we hope to use this site during the plant idling to share information as issues and questions arise.

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You may not know coverage on your dependent son and/or daughter has terminated

Randy R. Virgin, USW Joint Efforts Coordinator

(Oct. 3, 2015) As part of improvements to benefits negotiated in 2012, U.S. Steel offered in May of 2015 a special enrollment opportunity to apply for or to increase represented members' optional employee life insurance. During this special enrollment members could elect to enroll for coverage on the life of their eligible children.

It has been brought to the Union's attention that not all members are aware due to the separation in the combined spouse/child life offering, members' child(ren) life coverage was not automatically renewed.

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1-888-505-6444 or 1-314-729-4030.
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This Union negotiated benefit is payable to members per the Program of Insurance Benefits when a member suffers a non-work related, disabling injury or illness. Read more >>>

Steelworkers Organization for Active Retirees

See Resources Link Page for GCW SOAR Website >>>

SOAR was established in 1985 to organically link the USW’s active members with those in retirement so that both can work on common problems. SOAR has proven to be a true partner of our active membership in the pursuit of economic security.

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Members should remember that their spouse will be reimbursed for health care premiums in excess of $50 per month Read more >>>

Medicare has become one of the most discussed issues in recent days given Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposals. Beyond the sound bites, what do we know about Medicare? Read on to find out the basics of the program and watch for more information to come in this multi-part series.
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Finally... Vacation Bonus Eligibility Clarified; Since becoming US Steel in 2003 there has always been an issue with respect to eligibility for the $250/week Vacation Bonus at the time of retirement. 
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Frequently asked questions regarding retirement and other retiree information Read more >>>

Members should not delay in filing for Sickness & Accident Benefits (S&A) once they have reported "off 'till further notice" (OTFN). Remember, it's the employee's responsibility to file for S&A and being off without either Workers Comp or S&A benefits is not advisable and a precarious status - to say the least. 


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