Local Union 1899 Granite City, IL

President's Update

Dan Simmons, President

It is the goal of this local to represent every member to its fullest; to protect your rights as an individual and as a worker and to insure your safety on the job.  This local will do everything within its means to further the principles of the United Steelworkers that all members are treated fairly, paid justly for their work and afforded the respect and dignity they deserve. This local is here to serve you and I am honored to serve as your president.



                               WE'RE READY! 

                                 STAND WITH LAID OFF STEELWORKERS                                                                 U.S. Steel Granite City Works

                            THURS. - JULY 20TH - 4:30 P.M. LABOR TEMPLE                                                      20th and State Streets, Granite City, IL

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