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USS Transfers Possibly Available to Laid Off Members

Section D. Interplant Job Opportunities

1. An Employee with more than three (3) years of Continuous Service on the date of his/her lay- off and who is continuously on layoff for at least sixty (60) days and not expected to be recalled within sixty (60) days, shall be given priority over new hires and probationary Employees for permanent job vacancies at a Plant other than his/her own Plant, as described below:

a. The Employee must file with his/her home Plant, on a form provided by the Company, a written request for such transfer specifying the other Plant or Plants at which s/he would accept employment.

b. Employees who apply shall be given priority for permanent vacancies at other Plants which are not filled from within the particular Plant in the order of their Continuous Service (the earlier date of birth to control where such service is identical), provided the Employee has the necessary qualifica- tions to perform the job and advance in the
promotional sequence. In determining qualifications, the Employee shall be treated as if the job were an opening at his/her home Plant.

c. An Employee laid off from his/her Plant who is offered and accepts a job at another Plant, will have the same obligation to report for work there as though s/he were a laid-off Employee at that Plant. During his/her employment at that Plant, s/he will be subject to all the rules and conditions of employment in effect at that Plant. S/ he will be considered as a new Employee at that Plant and therefore such Employee’s Plant Service shall be defined in accor- dance with Article Five, Section E(3)(c).

d. An Employee shall be deemed to reject such job if s/he does not affirmatively respond within five (5) days of the time the offer is made, which offer shall be directed to his/her last place of residence as shown on the written request referred to in Para- graph (a) above. If an Employee rejects such job pursuant to this provision, his/her
name shall be removed from those eligible for priority hereunder, and he/she may apply, pursuant to Section D(1)(a) for reinstatement.

e. An Employee who accepts employment at
another Plant under this Section will continue to accrue Plant Service for seniority pur- poses at his/her home Plant in accordance with the applicable seniority rules for a maximum period of six (6) months from the date of transfer. If within the six (6) month period, s/he is recalled to work at his/her home Plant and s/he elects to return, his/ her Continuous Service for seniority pur- poses at the other Plant will be cancelled. If s/he elects to remain at the other Plant, his/her Continuous Service for seniority purposes at his/her home Plant will be cancelled. 

f. When an Employee is recalled to his/her
home Plant, the Company may require the Employee to remain at such other Plant
for the calendar week following the calendar week during which such recall occurs.

2. An Employee who accepts a job at another Plant, pursuant to this Section, more than 100
miles from his/her home Plant will receive a relocation allowance of $500 promptly after
the commencement of employment at the Plant to which s/he is relocated.  


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