Local Union 1899 Granite City, IL

Vacation Scheduling Contacts for Members

Below is the list of contacts with phone numbers for members to use for their respective areas when attempting to coordinate single days of vacation. 


      Granite City Works Single Day Vacation Request Company Contact:


Blast Furnace & Transportation Jerry Sherman 451-3073

Blast Furnace MT – Mechanical Frank Townsend 451-3910

Blast Furnace MT – Electrical Jim Whaley 451-3973

BOF/Brick Heather Knapp 451-3648

Casters/Water Treatment Tim Higgins 451-4680

BOF Maintenance Jeff Lindlow 451-3942

Caster Maintenance Jeff Lindlow 451-3942

Slab/Std Gauge/River Dock/Kress Wayne Gum 451-3356

HR Operations Doug Druhe 451-4164

HR MT – Mechanical Eric Brannan 451-3277

HR MT – Electrical Rob Randall 451-3225

Cold Roll & Coated Department Mike Midden 451-4140

Cold Roll Mtce – Mechanical Dave Noel 451-4120

Cold Roll Mtce – Electrical Dave Noel 451-4120

Maintenance, Services & Utilities:

Central/Machine Shops Micah Lance 451-3502

Central/Field Forces David Boley 451-3813

Yard Services/Garage/Carp/Paint Sonny Hankins 451-4583

Electric Shop Earl Manwarren 451-3565

SW Utilities Greg Baker 451-3541

IM Utilities Wally Pingel 451-3532

Financial Al Woody 451-4006

Storeroom Chad Weiss 451-3410

Quality Assurance Robert Snyder 451-3474

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