Local Union 1899 Granite City, IL

Historical Photos and Local 1899 Background With St. Louis Stamping, The Iconic Graniteware, Granite Rolling Mill, NESCO and GCS

In 1857 the Niedringhaus family incorporated St. Louis Stamping Co. on Second and Cass St. St. Louis. The historical main production building still stands just south of Lumiere Casino downtown, and recently opened as converted lofts and an Urban Farming community.
In 1892 with no room for expansion, the Niedringhaus brothers built the Granite Iron Rolling Mill in Granite City, exclusively supplying steel for the National Enamel and Stamping Co. (NESCO) which produced the iconic Graniteware kitchen products.
In 1899 the mill workers joined the labor organization: The Amalgamated Iron and Tin Workers Union, predecessor of the United Steelworkers. USW members working at GCS chose 1899 as our newly chartered Local in 2003 as it was a reference to the first year, over 100 years ago, that a union was chartered at GCS.


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