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Important Notice for Members Returning to Work from Layoff

Members Must Activate Insurance Themselves

[Jan. 20, 2017]

Members returning to work from layoff, who have exhausted insurance coverage continuation, must now go through the process of reinstating their active health insurance coverage; the USS Benefits Dept. no longer does the return to work reinstatement.

To restart your coverage, members need to access the U.S. Steel Employee Benefits Portal and follow the instructions on the site. You will need to have an active password to access your personal account information. If you have not updated your portal password, you can call the USS Global Help Desk at 412-433-6000. Returning members will have a Worklist task in the Benefits Center portal within two weeks after their return.  A letter is mailed to the member's home with information about the Worklist task. 

If the employee's coverage continues while on layoff and they return while coverage is still in place, there is no need to do anything. However, the Benefit Service Center encourages the employee to review their benefits at that time to ensure nothing has changed.

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