It is our pleasure to welcome you on behalf of the membership of United Steelworkers Local 1899. We are dedicated to informing our members and building solidarity. Our Local is proud to represent over 100 years of unbroken unionism at Granite City Steel. Read more >>>

Local 1899 and Amalgamated Units* Union Meetings are held at the Tri-Cities Labor Temple, 2014 State Street, Granite City, IL

*Credit Union Unit meetings held at the Local 1899 Grievance Hall, 2334 E. 25th Street, Granite City. For meeting times, please click Blue Title Above 



 "Right to Work" (RTW) WON'T Work in Illinois!

The Illinois AFL-CIO is sponsoring Union Day 2014 at the Illinois VS Purdue football game in Champaign, Ilinois on Saturday, October 4th.  STEELWORKERS' TICKETS ARE FREE! That's right... USW District 7 is purchasing tickets for members to attend the game, and pre-game rally and tailgate.

Read more >>>

(Pittsburgh) – United Steelworkers (USW) International President Leo W. Gerard issued the following statement today after the International Trade Commission’s vote on oil country tubular goods (OCTG) dumped into the U.S. market: Read more >>>

It’s because of you that I’m able to share this great news.
The International Trade Commission (ITC) issued an affirmative final vote today to impose duties against six countries, including South Korea, that were dumping oil country tubular goods (OCTG) into the U.S. market.  Read more >>>

United Steelworkers Local 1899 recently had an opportunity to show support for Madison County Circuit Judge Clarence Harrison. Judge Harrison currently serves as the Madison County Family Court Judge, and is running for election. While attending his Southern Style Bar-B-Q fundraiser at the American Legion, Edwardsville, Illinois the Judge’s explicit awareness of middle class deterioration, and his concern for working people became evident. Read more >>>

Union Advises Members Not to Sign Form

[Letter from President Dan Simmons]

Recently the Company distributed to members a number of USS corporate policies and instructed them to acknowledge receipt by signing an enclosed form.

The Union was not provided copies of the documents so as to determine their legal and contractual appropriateness.

Read more >>>

The USW Local 1899 2014 Labor Day Solidarity March will take place Monday, September 1, 2014 as part of the Greater Madison County Federation of Labor sponsored Labor Day Parade.  Read more >>>

For viewing related videos, daily newsletters, resolutions and Flickr photos from each day of the recently concluded USW International Convention, go to:

Read more >>>

The 2014 Convention of the United Steelworkers (USW) greeted International President Leo W. Gerard with a standing ovation, to which he responded by asking the 3,000 delegates and guests to sustain that enthusiasm for the hard but essential work ahead of organizing and political activism.The 2014 Convention of the United Steelworkers (USW) greeted International President Leo W. Gerard with a standing ovation, to which he responded by asking the 3,000 delegates and guests to sustain that enthusiasm for the hard but essential work ahead of organizing and political activism. Read more >>>

USW Convention in Las Vegas: Aug. 11-Aug. 14

(Las Vegas, Aug. 10) – More than 2,500 elected United Steelworkers (USW) local union leaders from across North America will be gathering under the banner, “A Union That Works,” joined by top international officers and executives.

Read more >>>

The International Union has informed the Local that the 2014 2nd Quarter Profit Sharing Payment will be 23 cents for each worked/credited hour. Read more >>>

Bob Ciura
Seeking Alpha
Aug. 4, 2014 

Investors are clearly expecting U.S. Steel's results to improve substantially going forward, which is likely because the factors that dragged it down last quarter should be temporary. For example, U.S. Steel put up fairly poor results in its core flat-rolled segment. But that was due primarily to harsh winter weather that limited production. Looking ahead, management expects operating profits to increase substantially in the current quarter, particularly in the flat-rolled business as the Commerce Department issued a favorable OCTG trade ruling and that operating conditions have improved. This should help keep production strong.
  Read more >>>

NEW YORK — Oil country tubular goods (OCTG) prices are gathering steam following the recent anti-dumping trade case ruling that saw duties levied against South Korea, the largest overseas supplier of the product to the United States, although sources said many mills are still in a wait-and-see mode on pricing. Read more >>>

The Steelworker Pension Trust Retirement Seminar, sponsored by Local 1899 on Friday, July 25, saw substantial attendance by members of Locals 1899, 68, and 50. The event took place at the Tri-Cities Labor Temple. Read more >>>

Wall St. Journal
July 16, 2014
By Lingling Wei and Bob Davis

China's leadership is battling with its enormous overcapacity in the steel industry--acutely aware it's putting the nation's long-term prosperity at risk.
Unneeded factories are sapping corporate profits, wasting money and worsening pollution. But leaders are running into determined opposition—from the thousands of government officials charged with carrying out Beijing's plans. Read more >>>

Wall St. Journal
July 10, 2014
By John Miller and William Mauldin

U.S. steelmakers said the South Korean products, used in the oil-and-gas industry, are made partly from low-price, subsidized Chinese steel. The U.S. levied duties on China-made tube for the oil and gas industry in 2010.

Even when it's not about China, it's about China.

Read more >>>

Wall St. Journal July 11, 2014
By William Mauldin

The U.S. on Friday moved to impose punitive tariffs on South Korean steelmakers, saying they sold pipe used in the oil and gas industry at artificially low prices.
The Commerce Department's final decision on Friday is a win for the U.S. steel industry, especially U.S. Steel Corp. after one of the most politically charged trade battles in years.
Read more >>>

July 10, 2014
“Trade enforcement should not be a partisan issue,” said United Steelworkers International President Leo W. Gerard. “USW members and non-union workers alike know firsthand the pain inflicted by foreign predatory, protectionist and unfair trade practices. Too often other nations target the U.S. market to fuel their own economic policies.

  Read more >>>

During what appears to be a period of calm while waiting on the July ruling by the Department of Commerce, hopefully doing what's right: Penalizing cheating, job destroying, dream stealing, state subsidized, currency manipulating South Korean trade "partners', please watch and SHARE on social media the video compiled from all the #SOSjobs Save Our Steel Jobs Rallies. 

  Read more >>>

Dennis Barker served USW Local 1899 and his predecessor USW Local 67 wearing several alternating union official elected and appointed hats over four decades. His last years as a steelworker at USS/GCW were spent serving as our Union Safety Coordinator and PAC/Rapid Response Chair as well as serving as a Trustee on the 1899 E-Board.   
    On Monday, June 23, Barker took time away from a fishing trip to attend the last of the #SOSjobs rallies in Virginia, Minnesota. Once he was recognized in the crowd of 2,000 in attendance by AAM President Scott Paul as one of our Granite City activist, Barker was invited on stage to a roaring response from those enthusiastic supporters of fairness and free trade and good manufacturing jobs in the steel industry. Read more >>>

Marketplace From America Public Media
June 26, 2014

U.S. Steel's plant in Lorain, Ohio, steel tubes are cast, trimmed, and threaded. The freshly-cast tubes are a dazzling, neon orange -- like a light saber from "Star Wars" -- you can feel their heat from more than 20 feet away. "Here at Lorain Tubular, we've made significant investments over the last three to four years, to about $200 million,” says plant manager John Wilkinson.

But due to serious concerns that South Korea is dumping steel in the U.S., Ned Hill, an economist at Cleveland State University  said, "Once you lose a steel mill and it shutters, it's pretty hard to bring it back.” Read more >>>

USW International President Leo W. Gerard testified June 25, "We’ve had to expend countless resources to bring these trade cases. In the past, that was often done with our employers. Today, more and more, we find that the USW has to go it alone.

Our government should be taking more of the lead. While we appreciate what they are doing, it is far from sufficient. And, let’s recognize that some of the most successful efforts, like the Section 421 case on tires, were because the USW initially brought the case. We’d vastly prefer that government do its job so our members can do their jobs."
  Read more >>>

It's about jobs! Over 2,000 people attended the Virginia, Minnesota rally on Monday. This was last in a series of #SOSjobs rallies that began in Lorain, Ohio before weaving the message through Granite City, Ill.
The numbers don't lie: As the steel imports increase in the U.S. emplyoment numbers go down.
Fifty-seven U.S. Senators have signed on to the letter encouraging the Department of Commerce to enforce the trade laws and fair trade rules which South Korea agreed to comply when the ruling is made on July 10.
Watch the segment of "The Ed Show" from Tuesday, June 24 as he covers our steelworkers story all week  by clicking the link below.
www.usw.org/news/media-center/articles/2014/fighting-for-us-steel-jobs Read more >>>

Over 2,000 people attended the #SOSjobs Rally in Virginia, Minnesota today, June 23, 2014.
    The Department of Commerce and the International Trade Commission have a date on the calendar they must pay attention to - July 10. This is when they must make a ruling that could have an impact on our future employment at Granite City Works.
    Measuring between April and May of 2014, South Korea has increased the OCTG, oil country tubular goods that they have illegally dumped in the U.S. from 91,000 tons to 213,000 tons. Extrapolating this rate of increase over one year, it will equate to 100% of the U.S. market and they will have crushed our OCTG sector.
     USW International President Leo W. Gerard said, “We produce this product at the lowest man-hour per ton on the planet. South Korea has no commodities for this steel – they import them all. Their workers are paid 95% of what American steelworkers are paid, but they can penetrate our market below their cost of production because they CHEAT!! Read more >>>

Save Our Steel Jobs (#SOSjobs) rally moved to the US Steel Fairfield Works and Tubular Operations plant in Fairfield, Alabama on June 16. The event was hosted by the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM), along with partnership from the United Steelworkers and United States Steel Corporation. Read more >>>

Please take a few minutes to fill out brief survey. It is really short but has some important data that helps with this important issue.
Thanks Terry Biggs, USW Local 1899 Rapid Response Chairman. 

The World Trade Organization (WTO) is the most powerful global entity pushing to expand and control trade, serving the world’s corporate elite and generally leaving the rest of us behind. They are asking for input on trade and how it affects our daily lives through an online survey dubbed a “public forum.” While this is a poor excuse for true public involvement, it’s important for us to take the opportunity to weigh in.


Read more >>>

By Brian O'Neil / Pittsburgh Post Gazette

If Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling is a boon to American manufacturing, why is the U.S. Steel plant that supplies pipe to the drillers shutting down in McKeesport?

The steel industry has named its villain: South Korean manufacturers who illegally dump their tubes here. But if American drillers weren't buying them, that wouldn't be a problem.


Read more >>>

PITTSBURGH, June 2, 2014 
If you couldn't be bothered to attend our  Save Our Steel Jobs Rally in Granite City on May 16 because you had to carpet your bass boat, cut the grass or you "had the day off",  maybe this will grab your undivided attention. United States Steel Corporation announced today it will indefinitely idle two tubular manufacturing facilities in McKeesport, Pa., and Bellville, Texas, in early August, impacting approximately 260 employees as a result of business conditions which are influenced by unfairly traded tubular products imported into the United States. You have to do something to stop the dumping.
Text STEEL to 91990
  Read more >>>

The U.S. Steel industry is facing a major crisis due to bogus trade deals. We are going to see more jobs lost if we don’t do something about the South Korean trade case. House Speaker John Boehner constantly asks, “Where are the jobs,” as he votes for legislation and trade deals that send American jobs overseas. Scott Paul, President of the Alliance for American Manufacturing discusses the Save Our Steel Jobs actions.
  Read more >>>

Steve Korotko, Specialist, United States Army (93-97), Chad Cramer, Lance Corporal, United States Marine Corps (03-07), and Mike Grillo, Corporal, United States Army (90-94) are members of USW Local Union 1219, serve as safety reps and work for United States Steel in Braddock, PA.

After serving our country in various branches of the armed forces, now they need our help fighting for their jobs.
At a time of high demand for OCTG, the U.S. industry is being squeezed by dumped imports from South Korea and other nations.
  Read more >>>

By International President Leo Gerard  May 20, 2014

Steelworkers and CEOs, Democrats and Republicans are rallying together this month across the country to alert their fellow Americans to a threat to independence.
These groups, often at each other’s throats, have allied to confront a surge in dumped foreign steel, an illegal practice that jeopardizes the viability of American mills. Steelworkers and steel company CEOs, red and blue politicians celebrate the energy independence achieved through shale gas drilling but condemn the dependence on foreign steel that failure to enforce trade laws will cause.

Read more >>>

Now that China has been charged by the U.S. Department of Justice with hacking and cheating to gain economic advantage with our employer, U.S. Steel's innovation and with our union, the United Steeworkers and their legal strategy when they filed the trade case against China for illegaly dumping OCTG, our pipe and tube money maker in 2009, we have the world's attention. Now is the time to act after our #SOSJobs Rally and get the attention of Congress to stop South Korea from cheating and exploiting our OCTG market. Text to 91990 and message "Steel".
  Read more >>>

May 16, 2014
1,000 steelworkers and concerned people in the Granite City community attending the #SOSJobs rally today. Stop the illegal, state subsidzed, currency manipulated advantages/cheating being conducted by South Korean steelmakers. Tell Congress to stop the dumping!!!
Click link below for rally photos

Take Action
action.americanmanufacturing.org/p/dia/action3/common/public/ Read more >>>

(Pittsburgh) -- United Steelworkers (USW) International President Leo W. Gerard issued the following statement today, May 13, 2014 on the release of a study of the enormous challenges facing the U.S. steel sector from a flood of imports and rising excess global capacity in steel production. The report “Surging Steel Imports Put Up to Half a Million U.S. Jobs at Risk” by the Economic Policy Institute and the Law Offices of Stewart & Stewart provides a comprehensive analysis of the threats facing the steel sector. Read more >>>

Steel workers in Granite City are concerned the government is not doing enough to protect their jobs.
Several workers with US Steel told News 4 they are closing watching an investigation of foreign companies that are accused of not playing by fair trade rules. They contend that foreign companies are selling similar products in the United States below a fair value by selling them at a rate cheaper than the cost of production and are selling them at a cheaper in rate in the US than in their home country.

Friday, the Alliance for American Manufacturing plans to hold a rally in downtown Granite City.
  Read more >>>

St. Louis Post Dispatch
By Doug May

Domestic steelmakers, including my employer, U.S. Steel Corp. in Granite City, the biggest domestic producer of pipes and tubes sold to oil and gas extracting companies, stand to lose thousands of jobs because of imports being sold more cheaply than the foreign competitor can make them — it’s called dumping. It’s also called cheating.

Read more >>>

What is Workers Memorial Day?

Each year, on April 28, Steelworkers across North America take time to honor and remember those killed or injured on the job. Workers Memorial Day is observed in the U.S. on the anniversary of the implementation of the Occupational Safety and Health Act. In Canada the day is called the Workers’ Day of Mourning and was officially recognized in 1991.

The Greater Madison County Federation of Labor will hold its annual Workers Memorial Day service Monday April 28 at the Workers Memorial statue located in Gordon Moore Park at Highway 140 and Park Road in Alton, Ill. This respectfully orchestrated service begins at 7:00 P.M.

  Read more >>>

Labor Tribune
America is taking notice and following the lead of the St. Louis Union Label & Service Trades Council’s efforts to encourage union members to put their bright neon green “This Payment Made Possible By UNION WAGES” stickers on checks and credit card charge slips.
Union Wages stickers are available for USW Local 1899 members at the administrative offices in the historic Tri-Cities Labor Temple. Read more >>>

March 25, 2014 Trib LIVE
By John Oravecz

U.S. Steel CEO, Mario Longhi was one of a half-dozen industry executives who spoke to the Congressional Steel Caucus on Tuesday March 25, along with United Steelworkers President Leo Gerard, on steel industry figures that show imports of OCTG (pipe and tube) surged nearly 110 percent since 2008.
"The steel industry could be on the verge of elimination," United Steelworkers president Leo Gerard said.
Longhi said South Korean producers had fudged the facts by setting up networks of companies to evade U.S. laws and disguise the cost of producing and importing. "Korea has designed this approach solely to attack our markets here," he said after the hearing. “The only difference between China cheating in 2009 and today’s action is that South Korean OCTG producers are more clever about hiding their actions,” Longhi said.
  Read more >>>

The newly opened “Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge” joining St. Louis with the Illinois metro area is more than just ordinary and functional. What makes the completion of the Stan Span and all the new approach ramps even more appealing for members of USW Local 1899 and 50 who were in attendance for the ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday February 8, 2014 is the recognition that the steel used in the construction was all Made in America.
Click link below to view 65 photos of the Union Built, American Made Steel construction and ribbon cutting ceremony.
USW.org website recognizing Local 1899 coverage for  the Stan Musial Bridge.

Read the latest issue of USW Local 1899 newsletter The Mettle Post.

  • USW Next Generation Program
  • U.S. Steel 4Q Highlights
  • Grievance Report
  • Steel all Made in America Stan Span Bridge Opens
  • Shadowy Supervisors
  • Mettle Post 10 Year Anniversary
  • USPA Awards Mettle Post Four 'Best Awards'
  • Rapid Response Report
  • Twin Strand Caster Coming to GCW
  • Joint Efforts Report  and more..... 
Read more >>>

Chicago Tribune
By Alejandra Cancino

The fact that Northwestern University's football players have turned to the United Steelworkers for help in forming a union should give organized labor a huge image boost, especially among younger people and those who follow college sports, labor experts say. Read more >>>

Wall St. Journal By Chuin-Wei Yap

China's push to clean up its heavily polluted environment and wring out excess industrial capacity is shaking up the heart of its steel country.
The central government has set a goal of lopping off a quarter of the province's steelmaking capacity. Read more >>>

At the November meeting of the Granite City SOAR Chapter 7-34-2 our members brought bags and bags of supplies, snacks and much needed items for our troops currently serving overseas. There were enough items donated to fill 14 boxes that will be sent to Afghanistan hopefully they will arrive in time for Christmas. Each box also contained a personal note from SOAR members. Read more >>>

Fun and educational black and white YouTube video capturing the 1938 era of the city, the steelmaking process with theater style period voice-over describing "The Niagara of liquid fury" when tapping an open-hearth heat of steel.

 If you are injured in the course of your work, you should report the injury to your supervisor immediately, regardless of how minor you think the injury may be.

Following an injury sustained at work, you may choose the doctor or hospital of your choice for your treatment and the Company must provide transportation for your care. If you are transported to the Veeder Health Clinic and the USS medical personnel provide first aid treatment or any other immediate medical attention, this will not be considered as your choice for treatment. If the injury is of a serious nature, in need of hospital care, you should request to go directly to the hospital of your choice.

For more information on your rights under the State of Illinois Workers Compensation Program, you can find the Illinois Compensation Handbook at the following link; http://www.iwcc.il.gov/handbook062811.pdf
You can also pick up a copy of the Handbook at the Local 1899 Union Office in the Labor Temple.

When an injury occurs, your care should be the first and foremost concern and not the investigation into the cause or the details concerning the injury. If you are questioned or interviewed by a representative of the Company as to the cause or details of an incident with or without an injury, you have the right to Union Representative (a Union Grievance Committee Member). The Company has the contractual obligation to advise you of your right to have a Union Representative present at the interview. If you request a Union Representative, you have the right to not answer any questions until one is provided. This is also known as your Weingarten Rights. These rights apply when you’re at the Veeder Health Clinic as well. The Union Safety Representative’s job is to investigate the cause of an injury and to promote a safe workplace and cannot protect you in the same manner as the Union Grievance Representative can. No member should be disciplined for suffering an injury or illness or for reporting and incident/accident in good faith. In cases where disciplinary action is involved as a result of a safety violation, the newly negotiated 2012 contract language – an industry first – requires the Company to adhere to principles of progressive discipline; to take into account the gravity of the violation and member’s prior discipline record unless the violation results from malice, recklessness or knowing defiance of an established and properly communicated safety rule, policy or procedure.

The Right to a Reasonable Policy on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse:
If you are involved in an incident/accident the Company has the contractual right to request you submit to a “For Cause” drug and/or alcohol test if there is a reasonable basis that your coordination or judgment could have contributed to the incident/accident. The management person sending you for testing must complete a D&A evaluation form “based on a written assessment” as to why he or she feels you could be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. This form is known as a DA-1 Form.
Remember the Union has agreed to a “For Cause” drug and Alcohol testing policy not a “Because We Can” policy. If you have been sent for a D&A test that you feel was unjust, contact your Local Union as soon as possible so we can immediately file a Grievance.


It might be too late for buying that Christmas present but it's not too late to save an American job.  Don't believe the worn out cliche' that you can't find anything made in the U.S. anymore.  Go to our "Buy Made in America Products" page for a primer.

If this page does not help you find  the product you are shopping for, please come back later as the page continues to populate. Or, if you want to help build our U.S. economy you could either support a National Manufacturing Policy, contact your Congressman and demand he or she enforce Free Trade laws or go to our links page for additional resources..

Steelworkers Organization for Active Retirees

See Resources Link Page for GCW SOAR Website >>>

SOAR was established in 1985 to organically link the USW’s active members with those in retirement so that both can work on common problems. SOAR has proven to be a true partner of our active membership in the pursuit of economic security.

Read more >>>

Few fireworks displays have more drama than the process of steelmaking. Watch this YouTube video “Steelmaking From Start to Finish”
  Read more >>>

The United Steelworkers stand up and fight back for workers around the world ... Read more >>>

When Travis Turner was 9 months old he was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer and almost died. His father, Craig, is a member of USW Local 7248 in Ohio, and the family had good, union-negotiated health care through work.

But just three months later, while fighting for his life in the intensive care unit, Travis was kicked off his father's plan because the cost of the baby's care had reached the $1 million cap set by the insurance company.  Now, at age 7, Travis is a happy, healthy first-grader. And thanks to the Affordable Health Act championed by President Obama, he's back on his family's insurance.

Watch Travis' inspirational story then help spread the word.

 Check us out.  Our recently updated USW Local 1899 Facebook.

On behalf of the Officers and Executive Board of the United Steelworkers (USW), I would like to welcome your local to LaborWeb for Local Union ... Read more >>>

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