By Todd Frankel
Washington Post
December 15, 2014

GRANITE CITY, ILL. — The leather suitcase was filled with tiny booklets of different colors. Orange. Red. Brown. The collection of steelworker union contracts stretched back decades. Phil Chism kept them around for moments like this. He dug through the pile until he found a yellow one. The 1977 labor contract. That was the one he and Dan Simmons were hired under 36 years ago at the massive steel mill that still hums at the center of this Mississippi River town.
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 It is our pleasure to welcome you on behalf of the membership of United Steelworkers Local 1899. We are dedicated to informing our members and building solidarity. Our Local is proud to represent over 100 years of unbroken unionism at Granite City Steel. Read more >>>

Local 1899 and Amalgamated Units* Union Meetings are held at the Tri-Cities Labor Temple, 2014 State Street, Granite City, IL

*Credit Union Unit meetings held at the Local 1899 Grievance Hall, 2334 E. 25th Street, Granite City. For meeting times, please click Blue Title Above 



Members of United Steelworkers Locals 1899, 50 and 68 and employees of U.S. Steel Granite City Works in Granite City, Illinois conducted a Holiday Toy and Coat Drive during the months of November and December for those less fortunate. Read more >>>

Members of Local 1899 and Granite City SOAR Chapter 7-34-2 held the line at Honeywell Corporation in Metropolis, IL on Saturday, Dec. 13 so locked out USW members of Local 7-669 could attend their Local Union Christmas party. Read more >>>

In the most significant policy change ever undertaken by the Obama administration to strengthen the power of labor unions, a divided National Labor Relations Board issued a long-awaited final rule speeding up the union election process. Read more >>>

By Doug May
USW District #7 USPA E-Board Communications Coordinator

The United Steelworkers Press Association #theuspa E-Board met in Pittsburgh on December 2nd through 4th to improve upon our skills to become better communicators for our many complex locals throughout North America. Those ever-changing communication tools are frequently in need of sharpening. Our meeting was designed to move that grinding wheel as we revamp the USPA to become more helpful with engaging membership while improving upon modern communications beyond our printed Local 1899 traditional newsletter, The Mettle Post. These strategies will be supplemented by communications using digital, online/social media, visual and sophisticated messaging strategies. Read more >>>

The International Union has informed the Local that the 2014 3rd Quarter Profit Sharing Payment will be $4.85 for each worked/credited hour.

A member will receive approximately $2,328.00 before deductions for a full payment of total eligible hours.

This Union negotiated payment, made possible by your hard work, must contractually be paid within forty-five days of the end of the fiscal quarter.

Production will begin in January, 2015 for a movie to be shot in Granite City, Illinois, starring William Hurt and Shirley MacLaine. The movie will relive a true story about steelworkers, basketball, survival, brotherhood and against all odds - winning in mid-America. The Eastern European immigrants were looked down upon as those who lived on the “other side of the tracks” in west Granite - Lincoln Place. But the relationship between the all workers and ethnicities in the mills improved as they developed ties and their bond with the United Steelworkers Union in 1942 and their victorious 1940 Illinois State Basketball Championship.
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Jeffrey Benior, Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) writer, describes the success of the new – beautifully built - all union labor – under budget – completed early – and ALL STEEL MADE IN AMERICA - Stan Musial Bridge. Story released on the first day of the 2014 World Series without Stan’s Cardinals.
The longest cable stayed bridge in America has been nominated as a 2014 finalist to receive the national award in three categories: Best Use of Innovation, Under Budget, and Quality of Life/Community Development. Local 1899 member and a Buy American advocate is quoted in this article. Read more >>>

ABC News/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

United States Steel Corp. announced Monday it will build its new world headquarters in Pittsburgh as part of the ongoing redevelopment of the former Civic Arena site by the NHL's Penguins.
Company, team, local and state officials made the announcement at the Consol Energy Center, the hockey arena which opened in 2010 across the street from the site where a team-controlled subsidiary will break ground in August or September.

U.S. Steel Chief Executive Officer Mario Longhi said the new headquarters will open by September 2017, by which time the company's 50-year lease will expire at the 64-story U.S. Steel Tower downtown, the city's tallest building.

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USW District 7 Women of Steel (WOS) at USS Granite City Works conducted a Holiday Toy Drive for the children of members of Local 7-669 at Honeywell, Metropolis, IL. on Tuesday, Nov. 11.  Honeywell has locked-out their Union represented employees since August. Read more >>>

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 10, 2104
CONTACT: John Paul Smith, Local 7-669, (c) 618.638.7894, jsmith@usw7-669.com

(Metropolis, Ill.) The United Steelworkers (USW) and USW Local 7-669 filed unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on Nov. 10, 2014 concerning Honeywell Corp.’s lockout of its union members on Aug. 2, 2014.

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Fast Track with TPP, no debate, no amendments, sovereignty between nations will be overridden when corporations can sue countries over pesky environmental, banking or labor regulations that obstruct their profit margins. We can forget about penalties and tariff relief from TPP manufacturers dumping their products (steel; see South Korea #SOSJobs) into the U.S. sold at less than the exporter’s production costs Not to be forgotten, if TPP passes in its present form, "Buy American" provisions will become illegal! https://www.facebook.com/USWRapidResponse/posts/10153346010589778:0
Follow all global trade issues from our 1899 Advocacy page:
http://www.citizen.org/trade/ Read more >>>

The special gate collection on October 14 for the USW explosion victims at USS Fairfield Works raised an impressive total.  $2,864 was collected at plant gates and additional subsequent member donations raised the total to $3,064.  

Thank you to everyone for their generousity and also to those members who worked the gates!

When Travis Turner was 9 months old he was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer and almost died. His father, Craig, is a member of USW Local 7248 in Ohio, and the family had good, union-negotiated health care through work.

But just three months later, while fighting for his life in the intensive care unit, Travis was kicked off his father's plan because the cost of the baby's care had reached the $1 million cap set by the insurance company.  Now, at age 7, Travis is a happy, healthy first-grader. And thanks to the Affordable Health Act championed by President Obama, he's back on his family's insurance.

Watch Travis' inspirational story then help spread the word.

(Pittsburgh) – United Steelworkers (USW) International President Leo W. Gerard issued the following statement today after the International Trade Commission’s vote on oil country tubular goods (OCTG) dumped into the U.S. market: Read more >>>

It’s because of you that I’m able to share this great news.
The International Trade Commission (ITC) issued an affirmative final vote today to impose duties against six countries, including South Korea, that were dumping oil country tubular goods (OCTG) into the U.S. market.  Read more >>>

For viewing related videos, daily newsletters, resolutions and Flickr photos from each day of the recently concluded USW International Convention, go to:

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Wall St. Journal
July 16, 2014
By Lingling Wei and Bob Davis

China's leadership is battling with its enormous overcapacity in the steel industry--acutely aware it's putting the nation's long-term prosperity at risk.
Unneeded factories are sapping corporate profits, wasting money and worsening pollution. But leaders are running into determined opposition—from the thousands of government officials charged with carrying out Beijing's plans. Read more >>>

Please take a few minutes to fill out brief survey. It is really short but has some important data that helps with this important issue.
Thanks Terry Biggs, USW Local 1899 Rapid Response Chairman. 

The World Trade Organization (WTO) is the most powerful global entity pushing to expand and control trade, serving the world’s corporate elite and generally leaving the rest of us behind. They are asking for input on trade and how it affects our daily lives through an online survey dubbed a “public forum.” While this is a poor excuse for true public involvement, it’s important for us to take the opportunity to weigh in.


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Labor Tribune
America is taking notice and following the lead of the St. Louis Union Label & Service Trades Council’s efforts to encourage union members to put their bright neon green “This Payment Made Possible By UNION WAGES” stickers on checks and credit card charge slips.
Union Wages stickers are available for USW Local 1899 members at the administrative offices in the historic Tri-Cities Labor Temple. Read more >>>

March 25, 2014 Trib LIVE
By John Oravecz

U.S. Steel CEO, Mario Longhi was one of a half-dozen industry executives who spoke to the Congressional Steel Caucus on Tuesday March 25, along with United Steelworkers President Leo Gerard, on steel industry figures that show imports of OCTG (pipe and tube) surged nearly 110 percent since 2008.
"The steel industry could be on the verge of elimination," United Steelworkers president Leo Gerard said.
Longhi said South Korean producers had fudged the facts by setting up networks of companies to evade U.S. laws and disguise the cost of producing and importing. "Korea has designed this approach solely to attack our markets here," he said after the hearing. “The only difference between China cheating in 2009 and today’s action is that South Korean OCTG producers are more clever about hiding their actions,” Longhi said.
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Read the latest issue of USW Local 1899 newsletter The Mettle Post.

  • USW Next Generation Program
  • U.S. Steel 4Q Highlights
  • Grievance Report
  • Steel all Made in America Stan Span Bridge Opens
  • Shadowy Supervisors
  • Mettle Post 10 Year Anniversary
  • USPA Awards Mettle Post Four 'Best Awards'
  • Rapid Response Report
  • Twin Strand Caster Coming to GCW
  • Joint Efforts Report  and more..... 
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At the November meeting of the Granite City SOAR Chapter 7-34-2 our members brought bags and bags of supplies, snacks and much needed items for our troops currently serving overseas. There were enough items donated to fill 14 boxes that will be sent to Afghanistan hopefully they will arrive in time for Christmas. Each box also contained a personal note from SOAR members. Read more >>>

Fun and educational black and white YouTube video capturing the 1938 era of the city, the steelmaking process with theater style period voice-over describing "The Niagara of liquid fury" when tapping an open-hearth heat of steel.

 If you are injured in the course of your work, you should report the injury to your supervisor immediately, regardless of how minor you think the injury may be.

Following an injury sustained at work, you may choose the doctor or hospital of your choice for your treatment and the Company must provide transportation for your care. If you are transported to the Veeder Health Clinic and the USS medical personnel provide first aid treatment or any other immediate medical attention, this will not be considered as your choice for treatment. If the injury is of a serious nature, in need of hospital care, you should request to go directly to the hospital of your choice.

For more information on your rights under the State of Illinois Workers Compensation Program, you can find the Illinois Compensation Handbook at the following link; http://www.iwcc.il.gov/handbook062811.pdf
You can also pick up a copy of the Handbook at the Local 1899 Union Office in the Labor Temple.

When an injury occurs, your care should be the first and foremost concern and not the investigation into the cause or the details concerning the injury. If you are questioned or interviewed by a representative of the Company as to the cause or details of an incident with or without an injury, you have the right to Union Representative (a Union Grievance Committee Member). The Company has the contractual obligation to advise you of your right to have a Union Representative present at the interview. If you request a Union Representative, you have the right to not answer any questions until one is provided. This is also known as your Weingarten Rights. These rights apply when you’re at the Veeder Health Clinic as well. The Union Safety Representative’s job is to investigate the cause of an injury and to promote a safe workplace and cannot protect you in the same manner as the Union Grievance Representative can. No member should be disciplined for suffering an injury or illness or for reporting and incident/accident in good faith. In cases where disciplinary action is involved as a result of a safety violation, the newly negotiated 2012 contract language – an industry first – requires the Company to adhere to principles of progressive discipline; to take into account the gravity of the violation and member’s prior discipline record unless the violation results from malice, recklessness or knowing defiance of an established and properly communicated safety rule, policy or procedure.

The Right to a Reasonable Policy on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse:
If you are involved in an incident/accident the Company has the contractual right to request you submit to a “For Cause” drug and/or alcohol test if there is a reasonable basis that your coordination or judgment could have contributed to the incident/accident. The management person sending you for testing must complete a D&A evaluation form “based on a written assessment” as to why he or she feels you could be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. This form is known as a DA-1 Form.
Remember the Union has agreed to a “For Cause” drug and Alcohol testing policy not a “Because We Can” policy. If you have been sent for a D&A test that you feel was unjust, contact your Local Union as soon as possible so we can immediately file a Grievance.


It might be too late for buying that Christmas present but it's not too late to save an American job.  Don't believe the worn out cliche' that you can't find anything made in the U.S. anymore.  Go to our "Buy Made in America Products" page for a primer.

If this page does not help you find  the product you are shopping for, please come back later as the page continues to populate. Or, if you want to help build our U.S. economy you could either support a National Manufacturing Policy, contact your Congressman and demand he or she enforce Free Trade laws or go to our links page for additional resources..

Steelworkers Organization for Active Retirees

See Resources Link Page for GCW SOAR Website >>>

SOAR was established in 1985 to organically link the USW’s active members with those in retirement so that both can work on common problems. SOAR has proven to be a true partner of our active membership in the pursuit of economic security.

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Few fireworks displays have more drama than the process of steelmaking. Watch this YouTube video “Steelmaking From Start to Finish”
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The United Steelworkers stand up and fight back for workers around the world ... Read more >>>

On behalf of the Officers and Executive Board of the United Steelworkers (USW), I would like to welcome your local to LaborWeb for Local Union ... Read more >>>

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