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Unfair Trade Is Killing American Aluminum and Steel
Bad deals have thrown 48,000 steelworkers out of jobs.
By Leo Gerard

  Three new pieces of legislation are designed to make it harder for workers to exercise their right to join together and form unions to negotiate with their employers over wages, benefits and working conditions. A brief summary of the key provisions of the bills follows.

  Questions & Answers on the Comp Time bill
(H.R. 1180/S. 801, “Working Families Flexibility Act”)
What does the bill do?
Right now, if an eligible employee works overtime, overtime rates must be paid. This misleadingly-named bill ends overtime as we know it. According to this bill, individual employees would now have a “choice” to take compensatory time off (hours that can be taken off later) instead of the extra pay.

 Workers Memorial Day May 28th 2017


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