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The USW and ArcelorMittal have developed the following Alternative Wage Understanding which will provide... Read more >>>

The Senate is attempting to force through another terrible healthcare bill by the end of next week, while sidelining bipartisan efforts to improve coverage. This bill will impact nearly every American, and it could be voted on before the official review by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office is even complete. That assessment gives us an indication of the real impact to citizens, overall healthcare costs, and resulting potential impact to the economy. This is a disastrous approach to lawmaking... Read more >>>

Your help is needed!  Read more >>>

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Your rights to union representation are known as “Weingarten rights,” after a 1975 U.S. Supreme Court ruling. At first these rights applied only to... Read more >>>

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Local 6787 is pleased to announce a special healthcare benefit available to you.   Read more >>>

A decision to seek counseling is an important step.  Counseling gives one the opportunity to... Read more >>>

Becoming a Registered User is easy.  Just follow these steps... Read more >>>

Please see the benefits listing for important phone numbers and web links. Read more >>>

The United Steelworkers stand up and fight back for workers around the world ... Read more >>>

The Hytest Safety Footwear store is open Mondays and.... Read more >>>

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