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Job Evaluation

Job Evaluation Update 2015

In 2010, the job evaluation process fell apart and the committee could not complete their evaluations. The problem was disagreement about the application of the factors and how information was interpreted and fit into the system. In addition, USW discovered that the Job evaluation system being used had been found by the pay equity tribunal to not maintain pay equity.

Therefore, job evaluation became a major factor in the 2011 collective bargaining process. In this Collective Agreement, it was agreed that the University of Guelph and the USW 4120 would investigate options around revising the current job evaluation system or moving to a new system.

Since this agreement, a Job Evaluation Review Committee (JERC) has been diligently working through this process. Other job evaluation systems were evaluated and considered first, but agreement could not be reached as to which to select. The JERC has spent the last 3 years revising the existing system to the point it has been completely transformed. This has included the development of a new Job Information Questionnaire, Rating tool and manual.

In the Spring of 2014, significant changes to the personnel in the Human Resources Department stalled the system process for several months. At this time, the University also indicated they were interested in supporting the further change of moving to an electronic submission system, which as resulted in further alternations to the timelines for implementation.

The JERC is currently behind the schedule agreed to in the 2011 Collective Agreement. Therefore, it was again an issue in the 2014 Collective Bargaining Process. Dates and timelines were revised during this process to continue moving forward. Recent discussions with USW advisors have occurred to plan how to move forward if there is not significant process in the next couple of months because the new system is nearly ready to be implemented. New rating committee members were recruited and trained in 2014 and await implementation to begin.

The JERC is currently waiting for final changes to be made to the electronic system by the company hosting the new system before implementation. Official communications from Human Resources and the USW 4120 should be sent out soon explaining where we are in the process. Training on the new system will be provided and members will be informed of these opportunities.

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